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house painting limerick

House Painting

Our team of highly skilled Limerick Decorators have worked on all types of residential properties over the years from...

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decorating company limerick

Traditional Decorating

At DreamWalls we understand that a good marble finish requires a skilled eye to replicate the subtleties of the real material.

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chalkboard artist limerick

Chalkboard Signs

Our high quality, hand-drawn, custom chalkboard signs, menus and chalkboard art stand out from the competition because we...

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window painting ireland

Window Art Painting

Do you need your business to be seen from the street and not blend into the background? We can help you by window painting...

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kitchen repainting

Art Kitchen Painting

Furniture may require painting, repainting, personalised decorative touches or bespoke finishes to achieve a unique...

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wall murals ireland

Wall Murals Art

We design, draw, paint & create custom “hand painted” murals to suit your needs from concept to creation. Whether...

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