Kitchen Repainting Limerick

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Artistic Kitchens Painting

Furniture may require painting, repainting, personalised decorative touches or bespoke finishes to achieve a unique appearance. Hand painted furniture does not need to be boring to serve its purpose as a functional piece.

With meticulous preparation, quality painting and attention to detail, all of our hand painted furniture and kitchens are highly durable and of the highest standard. We can even paint your furniture or kitchen cupboards in our workshop, allowing for a stress-free makeover with the minimum of disruption.

Alongside beautifully hand painted kitchens and furniture, we can also offer you outstanding special paint effects, faux finishes, murals and trompe l'oeil.

hand painted kitchens

Hand Painted Kitchens

Nothing can improve on the perfection of a hand painted kitchen. A simple change of colour can transform a room and as your kitchen is the centre of the home, repainting can also make it the most attractive.

Refreshing your kitchen isn’t only about introducing new colour; it includes adding the perfect appliances and details in the right place. DreamWalls Specialist Decoration and Design brings the best of both worlds to kitchen repainting in Limerick Ireland. We can focus on transforming your existing kitchen into a dream kitchen.

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