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Marbling & Paint Effects


At DreamWalls we understand that a good marble finish requires a skilled eye to replicate the subtleties of the real material. The ancient art of Marbling has been around since Roman times, but was refined and defined by the Italian Renaissance masters. Marbling gives the impression of heavy and expensive materials in locations where, for practical reasons, they can’t be used.


Graining requires an equally skilled eye to realistically reproduce the natural material, in this case wood, on panels, staircases or furniture. Like marbling it has been used for centuries to create the appearance of fine and expensive building materials. At DreamWalls we use techniques handed down through generations, aided by modern technology and materials, to create an extremely convincing representation of actual wood.

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All types of gilding

What Is Gilding?

Gilding is the application of thin sheets of metal (often genuine gold) as a means of surface decoration. Gilding is commonly seen on decorative items such as picture frames, mirrors, furniture, and fine art such as illuminated manuscripts, sculpture and icons.

From highlighting small areas to gilding entire room schemes, we work on projects of all sizes using gold leaf and other metal leaf. Our experience ranges from historical, traditional interiors right through to modern, flat surfaces.

We can leave the gilding as it is, distress it or create an attractive aged patina to further enhance the overall look of a room or piece of furniture. Different types of metal leaf can be combined within a colour scheme or to complement our skilful, realistic paint effects.